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Welcome to the homelands of the Heiltsuk Nation in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest.

Book one of our charter tours to the wonders of our lands and waters or use our transportation services for your project or logistic needs.

Seagulls on the coast

Experience the largest coastal temperate rainforest region left on the Planet.

Bella Bella, BC. Gateway to the Great Bear Rainforest

Bella Bella

Gateway to the Great Bear Rainforest

Located between the outer islands and vast fiords, Bella Bella is the hub for the outer Central Coast and offers direct access to the heart of the largest coastal temperate rainforest area left on the planet, the Great Bear Rainforest. We may seem remote, however, Bella Bella is served daily by direct flights from Vancouver.

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Happy kayakers

What we offer

Take one of our unforgettable tours, or charter one of our boats between Central Coast communities or to your job site.

Transportation between our coastal communities is one of the greatest challenges. We are serving this demand with our reliable fleet of vessels with capacities of 5-36 passengers and cargo.


Wildlife viewing of eagles, bears, wolves, and whales

Explore the Central Coast's channels, fiords, islands, sandy beaches, and old growth forests

Historical interpretation, cultural sharing and storytelling with knowledgeable local Heiltsuk guides

Our fleet of vessels can take you on an unforgettable salmon and bottom fishing experience on our ancestral waterways

Come by yourself, with your family or with a group of up to 36 passengers to enjoy a trip of a lifetime

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Travel between Central Coast communities

Water Taxi with pick up and drop off service for sea kayakers and campers within the Central Coast

Charter services for any occasion: family visit, work assignment, potlatch, basketball tournament, and more

Transporting crews and equipment safety to your job site

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Whale Fluke

Our Tours

Hear the stories of the waters and lands that have sustained the Indigenous people of the Central Coast for millennia.

Black Bear
Coastal Cliff
Coastal Mountains


Half or full day

Travel into majestic inland fiords that cut deep into mainland inlets where you can observe bears and wolves, water dwellers such as seals, porpoises and whales, as well as eagles, ravens and much more.
Also experience our ancient maritime society's sustainable practices like clam gardens, salmon and herring fish trips. Discover ancestral markers on the landscape such as rock paintings and carvings, and hike into the coastal rainforest to experience the lungs of the earth.

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Sea lions
Coastal edge tour
Wolves roaming a beach
Sandy Beach
Beach Sunset
Sandy Beach


Full day

Go out into the many islands on the outer coast and experience the unequaled rugged pristine beauty that is home to one of the most complex maritime Indigenous societies on the planet. See and learn about this unique history and culture.

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BBQ salmon
Salmon on fire


Full day or half day

Traditional salmon BBQs are available through advanced booking. Learn more about our ancient culture.

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Aerial of Coastal Islands


Full day

A day trip through the heart of Great Bear Rainforest. Cut through inland fiords where wolves roam the beaches and bears are a frequent sight. Encounter dolphins and whales, birdlife and majestic ancient trees. The highlight of this tour is a one hour stop at a natural hot spring where you can soak in the healing power of nature.

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Canoe in the ocean
Native art in forest
Interactive exhibit
Native arts - canoe
Gathering house


Visit the Qatuwalas Gathering House and the original Glwa, our ocean-going canoe in Bella Bella. Come and see our interactive local exhibits about our maritime resources and maritime culture. Viewing and purchasing of native arts and crafts are available through advanced booking.

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Underwater sea life


We are happy to help you design your personal package to your needs. Just give us a call or drop us an e-mail and we will explore the options with you.

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Our Vessels

Tough, yet comfortable boats are essential for transportation for into the beautiful coastal waters, but rugged coastal water ways of the Central Coast.

Our fleet serves various purposes and group sizes for work or pleasure. All vessels are equipped with safety equipment and emergency communication. Our captains are very experienced and certified.

Water Taxi - Yuwala


50 foot

36 passenger

With head (onboard toilet)

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Aluminum Skiff


21 foot

5 passenger

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YuWala no. 2 water taxi


30 foot

12 passenger

With head (onboard toilet)

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21 foot

5 passenger

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Cargo Transporter


30 foot

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Aerial of islands around Bella Bella

How to get here

Bella Bella can be accessed only by water or air.

It is served by Pacific Coastal directly from Vancouver or Campbell River, and chartered flights from Seattle. Helijet also offers charter services to Bella Bella. As part of the Inside Passage route Bella Bella is serviced by BC Ferries on a regular schedule.


About us

YuWala means “wind” in the Heiltsuk language. We will transport you swiftly like the wind.

Our company is Heiltsuk owned and operated out of Bella Bella on Campbell Island on British Columbia's Central Coast. Our owner, Frank Brown, grew up in Bella Bella and knows the area intimately. He and his wife and co-owner Kathy were instrumental in establishing the yearly recurring Tribal Canoe Journeys – a coast-wide gathering of traditional ocean-going canoes.

For as long as settlements have existed along the Pacific Coast, First Nations people have lived in and cared for the region’s lush ecosystems and abundant wildlife. This is the legacy we have inherited and now have the pleasure of enjoying and sharing.

We have a long history in maritime commerce and trade. According to archaeological evidence, the Heiltsuk have lived and travelled these waterways for over fourteen thousand years. The original marine transportation was by Glwa the ocean-going canoe carved from single large cedar trees. Throughout time we have adapted new modes of transportation. We never stopped using our ancestral waterways for food harvesting, commerce, trade, and social and cultural gatherings.

YuWala Marine Charters’ mission is to support and enable people in moving between places within the Central Coast for personal, social, and work reasons.

Explore these community related projects.

Hauyat - Our Voices, Our Land

Hauyat is one of many traditional territories of the Heiltsuk peoples. This website provides a deep insight into Heiltsuk's connection to place, beliefs, stories, and way of life. Take an annotated virtual tour around this magical place and its 6000-year old village site. Listen to the wisdom of our Elders and explore what researchers have unveiled.


Sacred Journey Exhibit

Sacred Journey shares stories of the resurgence of the ocean-going canoe culture on the Northwest Pacific Coast. Heiltsuk have been instrumental in revitalizing this once crucial vessel for the benefit of many. Parts of the upcoming travelling exhibit can be viewed on touchscreens of our tours in the Qatuwalas Gathering House.

Sacred Journey Exhibit

IMAX Film: The Great Bear Rainforest - Land of the Spirit Bear

Frank and his son Saul are featured in the new IMAX Film.  Showing grizzlies, coastal wolves, whales, herring roe fishery, and the all-white spirit bear — the rarest bear on earth. It provides amazing insights into the largest intact temperate rainforest in the world — a place protected by the region's First Nations for millennia.

Salmon underwater

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